When telling a story, it’s sometimes easier to pretend the modern world doesn’t exist. Somehow it’s hard to imagine anyone checking into the Bates Motel after checking its TripAdvisor page. Likewise, you probably wouldn’t watch the video in The Ring if you’d seen its IMDB ratings.

But you can’t ignore the modern world forever, and as some kind of hack or data breach seems to crop up on a weekly basis, it’s unsurprising that Hollywood is taking notice, slowly introducing hacking and cybersecurity into modern movies.

You may not know his name or face, but Ralph Echemendia has a lot to do with that. As well as providing security training to the likes of NASA, Google and Microsoft, Echemendia has provided technical consultation for films and TV series where hacking is integral to the plot, like Mr Robot and Snowden.

The need for a cybersecurity consultant was once unheard of, but with hacking and data breaches in the news every week, it was only a matter of time before art had to imitate life. And more convincingly than it once was: we’ve come a long way from 1995’s Hackers (“a cult phenomenon and we love it, but it’s not accurate at all,” opines Echemendia.)

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