Your background briefly?

My background is in computer hacking, At the age of 14 computers became my hobby.
Over the next few years it became my career and then my life.

Does it seem a logical path to what you do now?

While I never expected the hobby to become a career, it obviously did. Who would have thought? Furthermore who would have thought that this “hobby” would lead me to work in Hollywood with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. That I can assure you I would have never thought.

Is digital privacy possible? Will it be just for the elite and those offline? Or something else?

Digital Privacy IS possible technically speaking. For the elite who can afford to pay for the high cost of the technically capable to make it so and of course for those of us with the technical skills to do so. Offline? Today we rely on technology so much that going “offline” is just unrealistic. The real question is how the legal/political landscape will shape what privacy means, what privacy can exist, or is privacy just a unrealistic concept in this new cyber world? We will see. But I know for a fact that technically we can have privacy.

Net neutrality seems to be living a fragile existence, is that too negative a point of view? What should we be doing to preserve and protect it?

We should do everything in our power to preserve and protect the freedom of open and unfiltered communications worldwide. This is not a nation-specific issue, this is a global one. A net neutral world is essential to our collective evolution.

What are your predictions re Snowden in a post Trump world?

While I think that Trump is friendlier to the Snowden issue, I don’t think that he (Snowden) will necessarily be pardoned, however it is more likely with Trump than not. Trump has “friendly” intentions with Russia and as such Snowden may be one of those issues that will be addressed in the coming months/years.

The Rise of Digital Politics, are we in a post truth landscape?

We most certainly are. The real question is what is truth in a digital world? When anything can be digitally fabricated how do we determine truth? And then once determined, how do we use this information? We are now in a digital frontier, much like the wild west, it’s just everywhere not just the west…It will change just as the west did, but not without the loss of __________. Fill in the blank if you will. Because in the wild west, it was the loss of life, loss of land, loss of wealth, loss of property. How does that translate to digital is the question. What have we gained? What are we willing to to lose in the process? And what for? What will be the price of this technological convenience?

Doesn’t this seem a bit counter intuitive when in theory digital footprints should make people more accountable? And yet the recent US election & Brexit suggests that truth is not a compelling argument any more?

Absolutely! What do we really care about? Truth? I believe we care about anything that allows us to justify our beliefs, our perspectives, our points of view. And on the internet we can find just about anything and everything to support that which we have already chosen to believe (our individual truths). We must be careful in what we believe to be true without enough real/verifiable data to support it. The technology exists to make systems and people more accountable, but many do not want that level of accountability is the truth.

How is technology is reshaping the geo political landscape right now?

Technology is completely changing the geo political game. It is like a video game now, One where the players get rewarded almost instantaneously. The press and media are the reward, it’s like Pokemon Go. You look for where the most Pokemon are and catch em all. It’s what modern day politics has become. But it is part of that evolution I spoke of before. It will reshape what politics mean. Media is already being reshaped by this technological shift. Contrary to what you may think or see, this is a world connected without boundaries, without religious bias, without skin color, without nationality. What will matter is what you say and do. We are more alike now than we have ever been different.

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